‘Positivity posse’

A note of gratitude to friends who came out on New Year’s Eve to donate toiletries and then assemble them into kits for males and females. Our group pulled together and shared over 500 items to package for the Rappahannock Food Pantry.

Thank you, Mimi Forbes, for the suggestion.

This is the type of activity that truly represents the heart and soul of the great people in this county. Let’s keep this going folks — join in with the positivity posse.

Shout outs to Tom and Anne Lyon, Amy and Eric Venclik, Mike Cheek and Keith Hudspeth, Ronda Gregorio and Sean Spink, Kim Myers and Greg Killmeyer, Deyann and Max Davis, Mary Humphrey and David Hum, Michael James, Sara Dunton and Josh, Ken Courtade and Matt Norris and Brad and Heidi.

Kymber Messersmith and John Eisenhart

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