Coldest winter

in a while

Temp and money

at zero

or below

No water

Pipes frozen

Wood pile almost gone

Two sides of zero


On the wrong side

S.S. check twenty-six days out

Seventy-eight years to get here

Once again

asking the question

What’s gonna happen?

Living here

In a place

like America

used to be

Makes one think

I’m richer than you

All you have is money

Wonderful people

Beautiful landscape

Need help

Need not ask

Food Pantry

Benevolent Fund

here for all who do

Joined the U.S. Marine Corps

5 Dec. 56

Honorable discharge

6 April 64

Did what was asked of me

For God and Country

‘Thank you for your service’

people say

sixty years hence

Time to say

Thank you

people of Rappahannock

For your service

and all that you do

— T.C. Pellegatta, Jr.

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