Washington column for Jan. 11

Now that was some frigid air

I hope everyone has survived the bitter cold of late. I stayed in the entire weekend. No way was I going outside into the those frigid temperatures.

Rest assured, there are warmer days ahead for us. Let’s keep thinking about those tropical islands where the weather is warm, the sky is deep blue, and the pink sand on the beach is so warm to your feet. Just maybe if we concentrate on such a spectacular setting a warm breeze off the water will blow our way. We can dream about it, right?

Disappearing newspapers

Thieves are opportunists, whether they are amateurs or professionals. They endeavour to take advantage of any situation, which provides them a loophole. An opportunity to take what belongs to someone else. They are criminals who are indiscriminate and feel no immediate remorse when they hurt others. If the situation presents itself, a thief can get away with the act without much effort or planning because committing this type of crime is second nature to them.

Denise N. Fyffe, Thieves in the Workplace

Every Thursday morning I deliver the Rappahannock News to the retail outlets throughout the county. My first stop is always Baldwin Grocery in the town of Washington, where as usual I dropped 40 newspapers at the front door. Then I received a text message from one of the store clerks asking where the newspapers were? I wrote back that I had dropped them off on the steps, as I do every week. She told me they weren’t there.

So I decided to make a visit to the store the next morning to try to figure out what became of them. It turns out the Washington Posts from the previous morning were also missing.

I have come to my own conclusion that somebody had taken them, obviously without paying (that would have been a costly purchase). Why so many papers, I asked myself? The only thing I could come up with was the thief was after the coupons, or else given the string of cold days they wanted to use the newspapers to light their wood stove or fireplace, or perhaps there was a juicy story on the front page they did not want the community to read about it.

If anybody needs newspapers for coupons, or even to start a fire, please stop by the office every Thursday afternoon. I will be happy to give you some old newspapers.

I feel sad and sorry for the person who took them. All I have to say is this: Remember to smile next time you steal something, because today there are cameras everywhere watching you.

Inn committee

The Inn at Little Washington had their inaugural 40th anniversary host committee meeting Sunday night at The Inn. In attendance were long time friends and patrons of The Inn, including Mayor John Fox Sullivan and his lovely wife, Beverly; Ali and Mark Russell; Mark and Sally Ein; Alan and Leslie Berson; Kimball Stroud and David White; Fran and John Cox; David and Judith Pryor; David Hagedorn and Michael Widomski. Actor Robert Duvall will also serve on the committee.

Candles were on display at the Inn at Little Washington on Sunday night for the horse and carriage ride around the town for the inn’s host committee guests. Photo by Annette Larkin

There is a year-long series of events to celebrate the first 40 years of the inn, which include a gala dinner at Mount Vernon on June 16, a Culinary Family Reunion aka Innstock on Sept. 2 and the capstone event on Sept. 30 at Vaux le Vicomte, a 17th century chateau just outside Paris (as in France, not Virginia). Anyone wishing to purchase tickets to these events can visit www.theinnat40.com

Free Clinic

The Free Clinic will be held at the Rappahannock County Health Department on Main Street in Washington, Wednesday, Jan. 17. Registration is from 5 p.m. to 6 p.m. For more information, call the Fauquier Free Clinic at 540-347-0394.

Birthday wishes

Birthday wishes go out to a friend, Linda Clark of Harris Hollow, who will celebrate her special day on Sunday, Jan. 28.


Let’s keep Clyde Pullen, from Harris Hollow, in our prayers each day. Clyde has been under the weather.

MLK reminder

Everyone is invited to the 27th Annual Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Birthday observance in Rappahannock County on Sunday, Jan. 21, at 4 p.m. at The Little Washington Theatre, 291 Gay Street, Washington, sponsored by the Julia E. Boddie Scholarship Committee.

Special music will be provided by the “DreamKeeper Tribute Choir.” Local officials will be recognized during the program. Free to the public. It will be a tremendous event, as usual.

For more information, contact Nan Butler Roberts, MLK Program Director, 540-661-2013 or email nb_roberts@msn.com.

Have a wonderful week!