A call for heroes

In the last issue of the Rappahannock News, I read with interest Congressman [Tom] Garrett’s stand in, not only opposing the repeal of Obama-era protections for states that have legalized marijuana, but in pushing his own bill that would “give states the ability to formulate their own marijuana policy free from federal interference.”

I admire the congressman’s position and his willingness to oppose, for what he saw as a greater good than party loyalty, the policy of an administration led by his own Republican Party; and I wrote to tell him so. I went on to say:

I admire the fact that your convictions about what is right and what makes sense on these issues are stronger than the pressure to support a policy promoted by a Cabinet official of your own party. More of this kind of inner-directed decision-making is needed in government today — especially among Republican members of the House of Representatives. I think often of Republican Sen. Lowell Weicker’s principled role in the Watergate hearings. Where are the principled Republicans of today? Someone in the Party must step forward and, without shirking, call out the fact that “the emperor has no clothes” — i.e. President Trump is unfit to serve — as he abundantly shows almost daily by his actions or words. Today he sunk (amazingly, he can still astound) to referring to certain countries as “[expletive] countries” whose citizens are undesirable. It takes one’s breath away.

The concern Americans have about this presidency now goes far beyond party lines — this is a person who is a danger to the country and the world. We need a Republican hero who will put the good of the country, and its standing in the world, ahead of party affiliation. Can that heroic congressman be you?

Madlyn Bynum

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