Post office opportunity

Dear Neighbors and Friends of the 22747 Zip Code:

On January 8th, Richard Hancock, the Real Estate Specialist for the United States Postal Service, announced at a Town Hall meeting that he would be taking public comment for the next 30 days on new locations for our post office. This is open to all commercially zoned real estate in the 22747 zip code, which means it can be located in the town or outside the town on Route 211 or elsewhere in the 22747 delivery area.

The USPS is looking to rent 2,000 square feet in a pre-existing retail space with twenty parking spaces. The lease is initially for a five year period followed by two five year options.

If you have an opinion or an idea for a location or would like your business or building considered, you may email him at or reach him by mail at Richard Hancock, USPS Facilities, PO Box 27497, Greensboro, NC 27497.

Mr. Hancock said the process for looking at new locations would only include one public meeting, which was held on January 8th at the Town Hall.

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Brenda Van Ness
Gid Brown Hollow

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