Another week, another lack of quorum for BOS

Lawsuit proceedings cancelled for a second time

A second “special meeting” in as many weeks scheduled by the Rappahannock County Board of Supervisors was cancelled Monday night, once again for lack of a quorum.

This week it was BOS chairman Roger Welch of the Wakefield district and John Lesinski of the Hampton district who were no-shows, in effect following in the footsteps of supervisors Ron Frazier of the Jackson district and Christine Smith of the Piedmont district, who waited until the very last moment to announce they wouldn’t be appearing for a Jan. 11 special meeting.

Supervisor Chris Parrish of the Stonewall-Hawthorne district remains on vacation in Florida.

As with the previously scheduled special session, this week’s meeting was to deal with the latest lawsuit filed against the county government — albeit Monday’s agenda was expanded by Frazier and Smith to discuss “settlement alternatives” to several lawsuits that are still pending.

Otherwise, the same group of people who appeared for the first meeting, only to learn there wasn’t a quorum, showed up again Monday night: newly installed County Administrator Garrey Curry, former Interim County Administrator Brenda Garton, County Attorney Art Goff, Washington Mayor John Fox Sullivan, private attorney David Konick, Amissville resident Page Glennie, several local citizens, and a reporter for the Rappahannock News.

And just like last time, Curry eyed three empty BOS seats, announced there wasn’t a quorum, and everybody went home.

A minimum of three supervisors must be present to conduct business within the Rappahannock County government.

Reached Tuesday, Lesinski told the Rappahannock News that neither Frazier or Smith “contacted me to see if I would be available for the meeting” the pair had scheduled. As it was, Lesinski was out of town on business.

“I called the county administrator, Garrey Curry, at 8:30 a.m. and said I would not be available,” the supervisor said.

“There was no urgency to have that meeting yesterday,” Lesinski added. “Frankly, there are no deadlines for the courts . . . and not to have everybody in the room who is involved in the [lawsuits] wasn’t the right thing to do anyway.”

As for Welch, he reportedly informed the county administrator at 1 p.m. Monday that he would not be attending the 6 p.m. meeting. No reason was provided to this newspaper for the chairman’s absence.

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  1. As an African American citizen in the Stonewall-Hawthorne District, I am offended by the blatant display of “White Privilege” exercised by my Supervisor Chris Parrish. I realize he is a “ trust fund baby” who needs rest from his strenuous life of leisure being a “gentleman farmer”, but his absence from his duties to his constituents is inexcusable.

    Perhaps he should remain in Florida on permenent vacation while the citizens of his district replace him with a more responsible Supervisor ? Also, where was Mr.Parish for our county’s celebration of Dr. King’s birthday? We deserve better.

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