Letters to the Editor

Zimmerman: The slaughter must end

In cases of national tragedy such as this, we turn to our elected officials to enact change. Congressional representatives are the people’s conduit to execute reforms and advance our security. Sadly, Virginia’s Fifth District congressional representative, Tom Garrett, has shirked this public responsibility. […]

Fire and Rescue

Fire and rescue calls for March 1

Friday, Feb. 23: 5:51 a.m. — Viewtown Road, Amissville, motor vehicle accident, company 3; 8:48 a.m — South Poes Road, Amissville brush fire, company 3; 3:10 p.m. — Sperryville Pike, Sperryville, stroke, companies 1, 5 and 7. […]

Down Memory Lane

Down Memory Lane for March 1

Dec. 11, 2003: Dogs howled, chickens jumped from their roosts and old country homes shook as Rappahannock County was rocked by an earthquake Thursday afternoon, centered about 25 miles west of Richmond that measured 4.5 on the Richter scale. […]


Happy farmers, happy cows

Bit by bit, raindrop by raindrop — and occasional snowflake, as captured here last Saturday at a farm in Castleton — Rappahannock is digging its way out of a severe drought. The county is currently listed as “abnormally dry” by the National Weather Service. […]


Winter for a day

Wait a day or two and winter will mimic summer. By Tuesday afternoon Sperryville’s previous record high temperature for the date of 64 degrees, set in 1961, was shattered with a reading of 78. […]

Letters to the Editor

Changing demographics

Things have changed in the last couple of decades. The current influx from the D.C. area seems to be highly educated and interested in politics. I personally think they are an asset to the county, as many volunteer for good causes and also make sizable donations. […]

Letters to the Editor

‘A snappy new day’

Now, students around the country are ready to take charge. They are planning marches, sit-ins, lie-ins, talking to the media — showing the courage and determination that we have lacked. We must give them all of our support. Join them as they march around the country on March 24th. […]

Letters to the Editor

Serving while suing

Due to Mr. Konick’s past litigious interaction with and towards the Board of Supervisors and the constant issues regarding the Freedom of Information Act, I find if difficult to believe he would be an unbiased productive member of the Planning Commission. […]