A fond farewell

Here’s hoping that the relatively few people who have littered countless county government meetings, BOS community gatherings, and letters to the editor of Rappahannock News, with endless pages listing every little detail that is wrong in our county government and its employees, will heed the facts in outgoing [interim] county administrator Brenda Garton’s Exit Report and cease these endless negatives and simply let our new county administrator [Garrey Curry] do his job.

Ms. Garton’s factual, positive, comments as to the state of our county government, assessment of what is going well and what her recommendations are for going forward to make our government function well in today’s world/environment are a breath of fresh air.

It will take awhile, as she cautioned. Steering a mighty ship on a new forwardly progressing course simply cannot be done in a matter of months. Those of the instant gratification mindset desiring more speed might be likened to demanding that mighty ship to change course as speedily as a small speedboat. Not likely.

The fact that one of the relatively few mentioned above claims victimhood (being criticized/vilified in public) is disingenuous at best, taking into consideration the volumes of comments made by this group. That spreading of negative “you are wrong” comments only served to strengthen the poison that has spread in our county, including that old “us” vs “them” stuff, unfortunately. I took exception to the methods used, comparing them to vinegar instead of honey.

We are fortunate to have had Ms. Garton as long as we did. I prefer her honey methods over the current vinegar on some menus.

Sheila Gresinger

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