Chaos in Konick’s wake

I was both chagrined and surprised after reading the headline in last week’s issue regarding David Konick’s nomination to the planning commission, “Konick’s Nomination Hits A Snag.”

Whatever Mr. Konick’s good intentions (and I am sure he has many), his divisive and obstructionist methods in matters relating to Little Washington/Rappahannock have always left chaos in his wake.

His love of Rappahannock County, his competence, and dedication to being it’s lawful self appointed gatekeeper cannot be questioned. What can be questioned, however, is his total lack of character.

Being a proud Jew with a penchant for all things Russian, one would have thought that Mr. Konick would have more empathy.

His vitriolic, homophobic hate filled rhetoric has been well vocalized among former friends and acquaintances, and his rants on Rappnet and indeed in your own publication are well documented.

Surely the recent spate of KKK literature that resulted in a slew of “Hate has no Home Here” signs throughout the county are rendered meaningless if one has a “bigoted hater” sitting as a local representative!

In my view Mr. Konick should not have been nominated to ANY public office in ANY capacity (we have Chairman Alex Sharpe to thank for the nomination.) Perhaps he has his own reasons for the nomination but they are beyond my reasoning.

Mr. Konick’s lack of empathy, hate filled speech, lack of any sense of compassion prevents him from representing the interests of ALL and should bar him from involvement in ANY local public office, permanently.

Robert Alcott

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