Read the small print

Our Fifth District Congressman Tom Garrett recently sent a slick, four-color mailing to seniors titled “What is Congress Doing to Protect Your Benefits?” It appears that under close examination, the answer is “not much,” at least as far as Garrett is concerned.

He cited four measures in Congress dealing with health care that he is particularly “proud” of supporting.

The first is legislation that dissolves a Medicare advisory panel. This bill was passed by Congress with bipartisan support. That was no surprise. The panel had no members and, of course, had never met. Way to go Tom! A profile in courage if there ever was one.

What about the other three measures he boasts of “co-sponsoring” in his mailer? All three of them were DOA on introduction. They never even made it to a congressional committee for consideration. Neither Republican nor Democrat leaders considered them worth discussion.

You may think his message to seniors is just another piece of political campaign propaganda, but it notes, “This mailing was prepared, published and mailed at taxpayer expense.” Needless to say, Garrett was required to include that notice — in small print.

Tim Ayers

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