Handing out firearms like candy

There is one reason alone why American school children are being slaughtered in their classrooms: we are drowning in guns — military-style guns — that are available for the asking by anyone who wants one. These deadly killings don’t happen anymore in Australia, where gun controls were put in place after a mass shooting in 1996. They almost never happen anywhere else in the civilized world, either, where nuts can’t get their hands on assault weapons.

In the U.S. in 2016 11,004 people were murdered by firearms. In England and Wales, where there are also plenty of immigrants, and social stresses, 26 people were killed by firearms in 2015-16 (equivalent to 130 because Great Britain is one-fifth the size of the U.S.). Does anyone think that this staggering difference is because more Americans are criminally insane? Or have more murder in their hearts? Because we are a killer nation?

I doubt it. But we are more fearful. Parents are more fearful for their children’s lives. Hunters are fearful that somehow rational controls will take away their guns. And legislators, including our representative in Congress, are fearful that a powerful gun lobby — 10 major arms manufacturers and an $8 billion industry — will destroy their political careers if they vote to protect our kids. And they can be bought so cheaply by the NRA. Congressman Tom Garrett got only $2000 from the NRA yet puts guns over the lives of children.

We need to end this reign of fear. Enough is enough. We need to rise up and punish the politicians who don’t have the courage to protect our childrens’ lives. We know who you are. Eighty percent of the civilian-owned firearms are because the U.S. is the only country that hands out magazine-fed firearms to anyone who wants them. This horror must end now.

Eve Brooks


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  1. The communist left is only interested in disarming the citizens of this country. Their ultimate goal is to confiscate ALL firearms from us & leave us defenseless against a tyrannical, communist government they are pushing to instal in the future… .as well as leaving us defenseless against illegal criminal aliens & criminals in general.
    The leftist politicians & media in this country will not stop until they ban & confinscste all firearms. Don’t believe their lies about being for “sensible, common-sense gun laws.” Just like the person who wrote this article, the leftist will exploit any tragedy & distort the facts to disarm us.
    With all the social unrest & crime occurring now in America & world-wide, which is caused ultimately by communist ideology & governmental policies, we would be fools to disarm ourselves.
    The AR-15 & weapons systems similar to it are excellent defensive weapons & we as free, law-abiding citizens have the God-Given & Constitutional right to own & use them in a responsible & legal fashion.
    Gun -free zones & liberal/ Marxist politicians & laws are the real reason these mass shootings are occurring @ an increasing rate ….coupled with the social & moral decay of our society due to liberal policies enacted over the past several decades .
    God bless the National Rifle Assicustion & the Second Amendment
    …..and now I’m going to load up my AR, Ak, & M-14 & head out to my private range on the farm & target practice on some steel plate targets. I hope none of you left-wing communists who moved out here from wherever you’re from are too disturbed ….but WTF..I hope you are !
    Deo Vindice

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