Gresinger: Time has come to step forward

Recently I’ve thought a lot about methods used in our Rappahannock County and various comparisons came to mind. Anyone recall the days when “breaking” a horse — a harsh method, in my opinion — resulted in making it submissive, a loss of spirit, in cases? Then, remember the movie “The Horse Whisperer,” the man who used a gentler yet effective training way?

The magical Cavalia horse show Odysseo uses that brilliantly. In the one I attended, one horse left a riderless musical formation, trotting over to the field edge. A ground trainer walked over and spoke to it for a moment . . . and then that horse voluntarily left the trainer and rejoined the formation for the duration. Amazing to witness!

Change happens. Think about born heres and come heres, and one of the multi-generational families blending their ideas with new farmers wanting the opportunity for growing a business here in Rappahannock. To address change, the [Cliff] Millers [of Sperryville] established new ways to enrich the earth and grazing animals, to renew the soil’s nutrients significantly, to pass along ways for many to thrive. There are many examples of the entrepreneurial mindset and energy that are needed for growth here that former county Supervisor Mike  Beniek mentioned in remarks last year.

Recently, I heard about the healing properties found in elements of honey, and saw it effectively demonstrated. Perhaps we, as citizens of Rappahannock County, can apply those soothing elements of honey in outgoing county Administrator Brenda Garton’s “exit report” to heal the wounds inflicted here, to heal the facets harmed harshly in the jewel that we enjoy living in, our beloved Rappahannock County.

As I’ve mentioned before, change is already here. How we work together to live best is up to all of us taking another first step forward.

Sheila Gresinger

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