Zimmerman: The slaughter must end

The tragic massacre at Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Fl., has renewed the discussion of guns in our county. There are many facets to this debate, from all sides of the political spectrum.  However we all agree the repeated slaughter of innocents at our schools, concerts, theaters and nightclubs has to end. We must find a better way to secure our public venues from mentally-ill people with assault-style weapons.

In cases of national tragedy such as this, we turn to our elected officials to enact change. Congressional representatives are the people’s conduit to execute reforms and advance our security. Sadly, Virginia’s Fifth District congressional representative, Tom Garrett, has shirked this public responsibility. Eight days after the Parkland shooting, Congressman Garrett has pointedly not mentioned the incident, either to express his condolences or to offer solutions. His website, press communications and social media accounts, while active on other topics, are weirdly silent about the shooting (despite numerous constituent requests for comment.)

Perhaps Congressman Garrett believes now is not the time to revive this conversation, considering his previous proclamations for unfettered access to AR-15s. Whatever his motives, his evasions and lack of leadership dis-serve his constituents and are unworthy of a public servant.

C. A. Zimmerman

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  1. I can understand how raising the age limit, banning bump stocks, improving background checks, creating laws that temporarily/permanently remove all firearms after a violent incident and improving systems that flag people for being possibly dangerous would all help. But I truly do not see how banning assault rifles would stop any shootings. I understand the surface logic but realistically just about any firearm could be used to inflict mass casualties. I think there is a larger issue across the country that won’t simply be solved with an AR ban. I emailed something similar to Mr. Garrett several days ago, no reply.

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