Cobwebs can wait

Thank you [Richard Brady] for sharing your experiences of moving through the years. These are the stories that remind us (the younger generation) to value every moment given to us as this life is beautiful and ephemeral.

I can honestly say that some of the most beautiful gifts I have received in my life have been the reminders from those who have gone before me of just how quickly we move through time. I remember, as a young mother, asking a grandmother what wisdom she could share and I’ll never forget the gift she gave me as she quietly shared . . . ‘I have never reflected back and wished I had cleaned my house more often, the cobwebs can wait; spend time with those you love and always be patient and kind whenever possible.’

I hear this voice every time I find myself sprinting about and making excuses not to be with friends or family. I have also been blessed with elders in my life that have taught me ‘how’ to think, not ‘what’ to think, and that ‘the unexamined life is not worth living.’ Thank you for these gifts and may you live your days in thoughtful repose and continue to share the beauty of your life experiences. And a special thanks to a father-in-law who continues to share so much knowledge with us every day.

Shannon Krammes

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