Oops, didn’t hike enough

Thank you for including the notice of REC’s (Rappahannock Electric Cooperative’s) upcoming rate changes [“Darn bills,” Feb. 22]. It is important that our members know what to expect, so I want to provide a clarification.

The increase is actually more than what is stated in the paper. The average increase across all months of the year for 1000 kWh is $5.00 per month: $3 more in each of the eight non-summer months, and $9 more in each of the four summer months.

REC members can compare their costs under the new rates and the current rates using an online calculator at http://www.myrec.coop/res/account/annual_calculator.cfm.

Because rates will vary in the summer, we recommend consumers compare twelve months of bills in order to better see the full effect. For convenience and comparison, twelve months of historical usage data is printed on each monthly statement.

Again, thank you for sharing this important information. Feel free to contact me if you have questions.

Matt Faulconer

Manager of External Affairs
Rappahannock Electric Cooperative

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