Washington column for March 8

Rapp ‘still on the map’

I hope that everyone survived the high winds we had Thursday night through Saturday. I have never seen the wind blow so hard as it did.

The town of Washington and entire county of Rappahannock is still picking up pieces from the mess we woke up to on Friday morning. We had wind gusts as high as 78 miles per hour, I was told.

Crews with the Virginia Department of Transportation began work early Friday, March 2, removing downed trees and branches from roads. VDOT advised drivers to be on alert as they traveled as high winds were expected to continue in most areas through Saturday, March 3.

Rappahannock Electric and VDOT have its crews working around the clock to the get the lights back on. It brought down some power poles. It brought down trees. It put limbs into the power lines and knocked out power not just here but all through Rappahannock County.

There were other utility companies that came to our rescue, from as far away as Kentucky. Thank you for helping us through this disaster.

The men and women of the Sheriff’s Office were extremely busy this weekend with calls from citizens. They dispatched 144 calls for service (sheriff/fire and rescue), plus 56 calls for trees down across the roads and on power lines.

Power outages continued to affect areas of Rappahannock County as I write my column now. I still don’t have power. Keeping a positive outlook here. Thinking better days ahead.

On a bright side, I have not heard of anyone who got hurt through this wind storm. We all should be grateful for this.

I would like to thank Washington Volunteer Fire Company for going around on Saturday from house to house asking people if they would like to have water in order to flush commodes. Also thanks go to Doug Exline for sawing up a tree that someone deposited in the Gid Brown Bible Baptist Church parking lot. Thank you, Doug, for doing a great service for the church.

Many thanks go to the Country Cafe, David and his staff on Main Street for opening on Sunday for those of us who still didn’t have power but could get a hot meal. Thank you so much.

Thank you Sheriff Connie and deputies and the dispatch center for an outstanding job and working together to make our town and county safe. You all are amazing people indeed. We can always count on your service.

This disaster should make everyone think hard, to put all their differences, hate, and bitterness aside and appreciate the people who work for our county government.

I would like for our tourists to come to visit this town and all of Rappahannock County, and when they leave have a big smile on their face as if they are saying to us: This is the best, most friendly place to visit and we would love to come back.

Remember, if you see a downed line, call to report it and stay as far away from it as you can.

Pig on the loose

Green Acres is the place to be.

Farm livin’ is the life for me.

Land spreadin’ out so far and wide

Keep Manhattan, just give me that countryside.

Patrick O’Connell’s assistant Andre LeTendre lives in the Piedmont House down the road, and when he let his dogs out the other day a pig showed up and was running around wild and playing with the dogs.

I hope that the piggy has since found his or her owner.

Watergate exhibition

The Watergate Gallery in Washington D. C. is hosting an exhibition by our resident artist Kevin H. Adams featuring his paintings from Cuba and Virginia.

Kevin has always been drawn to landscapes, and especially to the unique light of a particular place. In recent years he has become engaged with architecture and its place in the landscape — what that architecture says to and about the people who live in a particular location and how the land is used. The paintings in this exhibition have the effect of comparing two particular locations: Virginia’s Piedmont region and the rural areas near Havana.

The opening reception is this Saturday, March 10, from 5 to 7 p.m., and the artist’s talk is Tuesday, March 20, from 6 to 7:30 p.m

The gallery is located in the Watergate Gallery, 2552 Virginia Ave., NW, Washington D.C.

March birthdays

Birthday wishes go out to Sam Snead, who celebrates his big day March 13; Kerry “Kiki” McCaslin, whose special day is March 16; Stacy Clark, whose special day is March 19; and to a very special little girl, Aubrey Taylor Burke, who celebrates her day on March 18. Other wishes for the month of March go to Ivy Racer on March 24, and to my daughter Christie Estep who will be celebrating her day on March 30.

Relay for Life meeting

Be sure to attend the Rappahannock Relay for Life meeting at 6:30 p.m. Tuesday, March 13, at the Washington Baptist Church, 180 Gay St.. For more information, contact Karen Williams (540 635-4673), Ellen Timbers (540-937-8402) or Phyllis Grogg (540-364-2640).

Spring forward

Don’t forget daylight savings time begins at 2 a.m. this Sunday, March 11. “Spring forward” an hour. I’m looking forward to those longer days!

Navigate your cell

Learn ways to keep your phone and computer safe with TechBox of Culpeper and the Library Computer Help Desk on Thursday, March 22 at the Rappahannock County Library meeting room, from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. Refreshments will be served. This program is brought to you by Aging Together. For more information, call 540-321-3075.

Antiques appraisal

Rappahannock Historical Society will be having their Antiques Appraisal on March 10 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at Copper Fox in Sperryville. This is their 10th anniversary of holding the appraisal. There will also be a silent auction and a bakery boutique of goodies for sale. Since this is a fundraiser for the Historical Society a small fee of $10/item or 3/$25 is requested for the evaluations. For more information, call Rappahannock Historical Society at 540-675-1163.

Easter is upon us

The Easter holiday is upon us. The Amissville United Methodist Church has already placed their well-known silhouettes along U.S. 211 in Amissville to illustrate the events leading up to to the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. I enjoy seeing them along the roadside every year.

Be safe and have a wonderful week and thank God that Rappahannock is still on the map.