‘Harvests’ are for crops

These fearless hunters are not killing God’s creatures (“Lowest deer harvest in 20 years for county hunters,” March 1). They are “harvesting” them, like picking tomatoes or string beans.

Why not reprint this article, replacing the word “harvest” with the word “kill.” Better still, perhaps the news media can change their verb — “Last night, a man was harvested after being attacked by home invaders.”

See? Now it doesn’t sound so bad!

Don Sandifer

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  1. Looking at Merriam-Webster, definition 1b is “to gather, catch, hunt, or kill (salmon, oysters, deer, etc.) for human use, sport, or population control.”

    Using the word harvest is not some odd euphemism, a harvest of deer is literally in the dictionary definition.

    Your views of hunting differ from mine, but perhaps we could have a civil conversation instead of you writing to the local paper to run down hunters and to suggest that hunters should be equated to home invaders.

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