Lack of respect for Supervisor Smith

I read with interest your March 8 article entitled: Board of supervisors fireworks. I do not know Mr. Junk or Mr. Biniek and I am sure that Mr. Biniek is a “fine gentleman” as Mr. Welch stated.

However, in the last election, the voters of the Piedmont District declined to re-elect Mr. Biniek as their representative on the BOS. Why then would the members of the BOS, who do not represent that district, assume that the citizens of the Piedmont District would want Mr. Biniek serving as their representative on the Planning Commission?

I felt sadness for the lack of respect shown Piedmont District Supervisor Ms. Christine Smith. It is my hope that sanity and civility can be restored to the governing bodies of Rappahannock County.

Bob Clements
Flint Hill

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