It’s about gun victims, not guns

I’m a ninth grader at Rappahannock County High School and this letter is regarding the article you wrote about the school’s “walkout over guns.” It wasn’t a walkout and it wasn’t about guns. It was a memorial for the 17 victims of the Stoneman Douglas shooting. Guns were not talked about at all. In fact, the only things that were said were the victims’ names. It was presented as a memorial from the very beginning, and I was actually prepared to leave the memorial if it turned into anything about guns.

Yes, other schools had walkouts protesting guns, but at RCHS, we chose to honor the victims. While I hope this never happens again, I hope that RCHS has the opportunity to honor and remember all victims of school violence. In fact, I plan to try to organize a memorial on April 16 for the Virginia Tech shooting since RCHS graduate Emily Hilscher was one of the 32 victims.

Olivia Scheulen
Rappahannock County Public High School

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