Let’s stop the nonsense

The last issue of the Rappahannock News carried an advertisement titled “Let’s stop the nonsense and start working together.” It seems aimed at what has been called a minority of malcontents who launch attacks on county officials, causing a waste of time and tax dollars by distracting the “government” from doing its jobs because it is forced to deal with deliberately caused distractions. Now that is a real whopper.

I take exception to the ad, except I fully support point number two: It’s time we demand and demonstrate real leadership. Asking our county government to adhere to the rule of law is not a distraction. No more shortcuts, back-room deals and favors, and ignoring the rules put in place to protect the citizenry. I laud the 14 page present, Ms. Garton, left us as a guide for action. But I also find that many of her points have previously been made but are now called the “deliberately distracting trivia.”

By educating themselves on the laws, along with establishing standard management tools like job descriptions and time and attendance records, we would get the government we all seem to crave. Demand real leadership from our county government.

Bill Freitag
Flint Hill

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