Not in a teacher’s DNA

There is a new gunslinger in town and it is your child’s teacher!!

Sounds silly doesn’t it?

The very people that you trust with your children, who become teachers in order to help educate and strengthen your child, are now being asked to shoot someone else’s child.

The same people that have been denied living wages, who have watched their pensions raided by politicians, are now being asked to put a big target on their backs and carry guns at school. There are so many things wrong with this idea. Do the teachers strap on holsters and open carry their guns? Do they leave the guns in their desk drawers? Are the guns in the drawers loaded? What happens when a teacher wades into a school fight and one of the kids grab his/her gun?

In the Florida and Connecticut school shootings it was a teenager who was the shooter. Assuming a law enforcement officer rushes into a school where an adult is shooting at a teenager who is the officer going to shoot, the teen or the adult?

Your child’s teacher loves all kids. Teachers are people who nurture children. It is not in a teacher’s DNA to shoot a child.

Let’s allow the teachers to do their job and law enforcement to do theirs.

C.L. Scott

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  1. We do not allow kids to smoke in school. Guns should never be in schools, period. Guns in school is totally wrong for a 1k reasons. Schools are not billboards for the new.

  2. No one is asking teachers to carry guns. It would be wrong to force or even ask teachers to carry.

    What people are proposing is to allow teachers who want to carry the ability to do so. Nothing wrong with that at all. The ones who are willing to do so probably already do outside of the school environment. Those who feel the need to protect themselves and the children in their classroom should be able to do so.

    No one except the teacher, school administration, and local law enforcement should know who’s allowed to carry and who is not. No, teachers shouldn’t open carry. Open carrying is dumb in many ways.

    Local law enforcement would be fully aware of who carries and who doesn’t. So, in your hypothetical, an officer who comes upon a situation where a teacher and a teenager who have guns drawn, the situation would be evident.

    I bet a sign out front saying something to the effect of “This school allows staff to protect themselves with personal firearms” would lower the chances (which are also extraordinarily low despite what CNN likes you to believe) of being a target.

    • I’d agree it would lower the chances of being targeted in theory but also raise the chances of accidental shootings at schools. Personally I hope my kids’ teachers are in no hurry to bring guns to school.

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