Good People flock to RAAC Theatre

There were Good People, three times over, at the RAAC Community Theatre on Gay Street last Saturday night.

The play Good People, written by Pulitzer Prize playwright David Lindsay-Abaire and first produced on Broadway in 2011, is set in South Boston, aka. “Southie.” The story looks at the poor but tough members of the community, and the doctor who escaped it (or did he?).

The play mixes the hard life of the characters living in Southie and the humor they use to deal with it. The issue for the audience to decide is which people are really the good people and which aren’t. That’s not so easy.

The actual Good People are of course the six experienced actors, gathered together by director Peter Hornbostel from Rappahannock, Charlottesville and Fauquier County.

Stefani Mastri is superb in the leading female role of Margie. Hugh Hill, who recently moved to Rappahannock, Maureen Day, Erin Platt, Bob Stockmaster and Gail Kitch round out one of the best casts performing at the RAAC Theater in recent years.

And while you won’t see him on stage, you don’t want to miss Andy Platt’s voice of the priest calling out Bingo numbers. The man has some pipes.

The third category of Good People on Saturday night was the sold-out audience, which laughed and cried and clapped and cheered at a night of outstanding dramatic performance, perhaps more than they have ever done before.

The play will be performed again this coming Friday and Saturday nights, March 30 and 31st at 8 p.m. at the RAAC Theatre. Reservations are available at the RAAC website or by phone at 1-800-695-6075. One $15 reservation gets you all the Good People: the play, the cast and your fellow members of the audience.

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