Inspired by Rappahannock senior class

I recently spent an inspiring afternoon with five of my fellow Lions evaluating about 30 applications for scholarships which we had received from the Rappahannock County High School Senior Class. As a group they stand out, but are notable as group exemplars.

These students display vigor and commitment to the community and their classmates. Involvement ranges from caring for the elderly, playing varsity sports, volunteering their time and energy to the rescue squads and fire departments, coaching 4-H groups, picking up trash from the county roads, helping with the Food Pantry, and working as cooks and bakers at the leading charity events in the county.

Some are already employed at local businesses. Some are in apprentice programs for trades, the nursing professions, and STEM studies which will lead to jobs in veterinary and human medicine. The list goes on and on but is uniformly impressive.

They write well and cheerfully convey their life experiences and aspirations. We can only be encouraged by their enthusiasm and range of already-accomplished and still-to-be-met goals. The future is in good hands as this senior class begins the next chapter of their lives.

Ross O’Donoghue
President, Rappahannock Lions Club

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