School/Education News

Dozens of residents voice support for Rappahannock teachers’ salary increase

The $367,000 in additional funding requested by schools Superintendent Shannon Grimsley would provide teachers with a 2 percent salary increase, maintain high quality staff while also hiring two teachers, reduce class sizes, increase educational programs, and support long overdue facilities and capital improvements. […]


Foreigner’s diary describes ‘sufferings’ of Rappahannock County during Civil War

A diary kept by a “strange outsider” during the height of the Civil War, which later would be heralded as one of the most thorough examinations of the South during wartime, includes numerous observations of Rappahannock County — its people, farms (or what remained of them), and scenic vistas. […]

Clark Hollow Ramblings

Clark Hollow Ramblings: The Procession

I watched an interesting procession today. I am writing this on the day of the Fodderstack 10K. I ran the race twice, and the best thing I can say about my performance is I made it to the end without falling over. […]

Sperryville Column

New art and fitness studios open in Sperryville

According to the announcement: “Stonewall Abbey Wellness isn’t just a gym. It’s a community wellness and fitness center in the heart of Sperryville, delivering an unrivaled experience from training to regeneration. Our 5,000 square foot facility is a perfect blend of historic beauty and modern function. […]


A fine day for golf

The weather was nothing short of spectacular, even with the challenging breeze, for last Friday’s Second Annual “Home in One” golf tournament in support of Rapp at Home, the local nonprofit that serves as a resource for those 50 and over. […]

Washington Column

Washington column for April 26

The relationship a boy has with his father greatly shapes the man he will become in the future. You can help mold your boy into a man you’ll be proud of by taking him on special father and son activities. And they’re particularly conducive to bonding. […]


Earth Day on the Thornton

Rappahannock residents and visitors alike, the majority donned in rubber boots and hip waders, set foot into the Thornton River rapids in Sperryville last Sunday — Earth Day 2018 — to clean up a century’s worth of industrial pollution and litter:. […]


Volunteer service and sacrifice

Fifty volunteers of the several outstanding Rappahannock County fire and rescue companies, as well as their guests, gathered at the Washington Volunteer Fire & Rescue Company to celebrate service and achievements during 2017. […]


The Old Lion turns 60

Here in Rappahannock, another important event occurred that year. One of the more underappreciated forces in the county was chartered — the Rappahannock Lions Club. Back then, it was a group of men who pooled their resources to do as a group those things which they couldn’t do by themselves. […]


Bluegrass superstars to Rappahannock

The Gibson Brothers’ are performing this Saturday and their title song of their latest album, “In the Ground,” speaks to the end of the family farming era, when men and women could support themselves and their families on the acreage around them. […]

School/Education News

School News for April 26

RCHS Drama Club performance of A Chorus Line can do that; Panther pep rally rouses; planting seeds with elementary school students; Rrrrrr is for recycle in pirate terms; and WCDS soccer gets agricultural. […]

Letters to the Editor

Act FAST and call 911

For many of us, simply a phone call to our local fire and rescue place to ask how we might be able to help in some way might be an immediate answer for some of them. Our fire and rescue volunteers are our friends and neighbors, trained and ready to assist us. […]