Like mopeds like guns?

Sitting at DMV this week I had plenty of time to see folks conduct ordinary transactions with their government — applying for drivers’ licenses, learners’ permits, automobile registrations, plates, handicap parking placards, hunting and fishing licenses, boat registrations, registration for motorcycles and even mopeds if used outside of private property. I was there because I’d lost the title for our old pickup and wanted to transfer it to new ownership.

So why don’t we register our guns, I wondered? Registration could feed into our background check system, making it more effective. We now require background checks for most gun purchases but lose track of private transfers after a gun’s initial purchase. And we might be able to identify gun owners with mental health issues, including domestic violence court orders, which arise after the legal purchase of a gun.

Most of our transactions with DMV can now be done online. If we have no problem with the requirement for a hunting license or boat registrations why not register our guns?

Jane Coon

Editor’s note: During the early years of the Reagan administration, Her Excellency Jane Abell Coon was U.S. Ambassador to Bangladesh, while at the same time her husband, His Excellency Carleton S. Coon, was U.S. Ambassador to Nepal.

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  1. I’ve often wondered why we don’t put more emphasis on education. I can’t see anything wrong with standardized firearm safety courses and/or licenses. Somehow we see driving as requiring education and testing but owning a firearm as no skills required. I’m not anti-gun but it seems to me safety is over looked as some shout about their right to guns.

  2. May I be so bold as to presume to address “ Her Excellency “Jane Abell Coon’s question about why the National Rifle Association does not support the registration of our citizen’s firearms. Historically, every government that has forced it’s citizen’s to register their firearms has followed with the confiscation of firearms.

    Prime examples of registration followed by confinscation are: Nazi Germany, the Soviet Union, modern-day socialist Western Europe, Australia, & many more repressive regimes around the world. Firearms registration is the first step down a slippery slope to firearms confinscation. Make no mistake….the Marxist Left ( Democrat Party) are all about disarming the free citizens of our country.

    A free citizen is an armed citizen.

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