Dollhouse for a song

Just a note to let you know that there is a good bit of history to the former County Administrator’s office, other than being called ‘the Doll’s House’ (March 29 issue.)

The building was constructed in 1836 by Horatio G. Moffett and was used by him in his role as Prosecuting Attorney for the Commonwealth of Virginia. He also conducted his private law practice there at the same time (although this would not be allowed today).

In 1960, Louemma Moffett sold this small building to the county for $500. It served as the County Extension Office during the 1970s, and then as the County Administrator’s office.

If the Rappahannock Historical Society can be of any help . . . in regard to historical items, please do not hesitate to ask. We are always ready to provide . . . information.

Maureen Harris
Rappahannock Historical Society

Editor’s note: $500 in 1960 equals $4,192 in 2018. In other words, the county bought itself a Dollhouse for a song.

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