Hours and days vs. minutes and hours

I have ridden on horseback and often hiked the Thornton River and connecting Piney River trail. This trail is extremely likely to have downed trees after any sizable storm. I have watched in astonishment as a two man crew struggles to clean the trail with antiquated equipment that I have not seen since my childhood in the 50’s. This includes two man bucksaws and axes.

What they do in hours and days could easily be done in minutes and hours with a good chainsaw by almost any county inhabitant. I find this to be representative of local policy being dictated by a bureaucracy in Washington, D.C. Obviously this particular policy was designed for remote, wilderness areas to avoid sound contamination. I can tell you on a weekend you can hear chainsaws from out of the park on the full length of that trail loop.

So we waste the time and effort of two good men and their cost multiplied many times in this area to fulfill a policy that was designed for true isolated wilderness. If this problem were overseen by our local officials, I would hope that a call would go out for volunteers and in a weekend the trail would be cleared and then enjoyable again by all.

Eric Jenkins and Lyndon Gray will be lucky to have this trail cleared by the end of the summer and that is one small trail among the many miles of trail we would like to enjoy. This is courtesy of a national policy being implemented locally and probably produced by men and women who never used a two man bucksaw or a chainsaw and never have been nor ever will be in Rappahannock County.

Larry Manwaring

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