Proud to support Cockburn

On April 14th, Rappahannock County will hold a democratic caucus to select delegates for one of four democratic candidates to run against Tom Garrett in the 5th District Congressional election in November. After researching and listening to all four of the candidates running, we decided not only to support, but also to work hard for Leslie Cockburn.

Her dedication to fight for truth is evidenced by her long career as a journalist, exposing the facts about both international and national issues and governmental figures. Her decision to make the leap to politics is one driven by her view that we need to bring more truth to government and fight hard for all Americans. Since her decision, she has travelled literally 10s of thousands of miles, meeting with people in all 23 districts and, importantly, listening to their concerns. Her positions on issues reflect what she has heard: she is focused on health care for all, efforts to help farmers find ways to continue working the land in a viable way, fighting the opioid crisis for both health and employment issues, education — the very issues that affect all of us and that Garrett has failed to support.

Some have questioned whether or not a woman can win in the 5th. We believe that she has the best chance of any of the other candidates to win, in part because she is a woman, a fact that has been proven in other elections in Virginia and elsewhere. And Leslie is an exceptional candidate who knows how to connect with her constituents, as demonstrated by the high turnouts at her meetings throughout the district. Leslie also has experience being successful in a traditionally male-dominated world — as a journalist and in many of the cultures in which she has worked.

Most importantly, Leslie is exactly the kind of representative we need in our government. She understands the issues and can effectively articulate her positions; she is tireless in her efforts; and she already has contacts in Congress so she can begin working for the 5th from day one. We have the chance to send a representative to Congress who can start rebuilding a government that we can be proud of. We hope you will join us on April 14th and show your support for Leslie.

Kit Goldfarb, Dan Lanigan

Editor’s note: Two hundred and fifty delegates will be elected by voters at local caucuses, including here in Rappahannock County, between this Saturday, April 14th, and Saturday, April 21st. These delegates will then go on to the 5th Congressional District Democratic Committee’s convention in Farmville on May 5th, where they will select the Democratic nominee to run for the U.S. House of Representatives.

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