Courthouse Row for April 26

Home/land transfers

The following home and land transfers were recorded at the Rappahannock County Circuit Court Clerk’s office April 13-20


Limited Partnership to Floyd T. Grigsby and Laura L. Grigsby, husband and wife, 198.3293 acres, $1,300,000, general warranty, deed bargain sale, tax map 40-39


Andrew T. Schrader and Kathryn L. Lannon, husband and wife to Martin V. Moody and Janice D. Moody, husband and wife, 21.5756 acres, $2,000,000, deed bargain sale, general warranty, tax map 47-10


Emiel K. Smet and Lynda W. Smet to Tommy W. Fahrney and Peggy P. Fahrney, husband and wife, 10.000 acres, $195,000, general warranty, tax map 44-4G

The Secretary of Housing and Urban Development of Washington, D.C., to Jeffery A. Bruggeman, 38.8075, $275,000, special warranty, deed bargain sale, tax map 31-36


Nancy E. Davis, Revocable Living Trust, to Sharon Spear and William Spear, wife and husband, 2.0351 acres, $296,800, deed bargain sale, tax map 50-48A


Ridder Family, LLC to Michael D. Goodwin and Priscilla Z. Goodwin, husband and wife, 248.1376 acres, $2,000,000, deed bargain sale, general warranty, tax map 14-2

Building Permits

Barbara L. Shanks, Washington, electric service, $800

Atkins Construction Group LLC, Amissville, dwelling, $300,000

675 Zachary Taylor Properties LLC, Flint Hill, temporary tent, no cost

Do More Yoga, Amissville, remove residential from permit, no cost

Miria Gilbert, Amissville, renovation, $800

Boyce-Garrison Properties, LLC, Amissville, $25,000

Rappahannock County Jail, Washington, replace portion of roof, $25,000

Mark Wharton, Sperryville, deck, $10,000

Josh and Krissy Brenner, Sperryville, install door and windows, $40,000

Louise Peterson, Castleton, garage, $50,000