Earth Day on the Thornton

All photos by John McCaslin
Rappahannock residents and visitors alike, the majority donned in rubber boots and hip waders, set foot into the Thornton River rapids in Sperryville last Sunday — Earth Day 2018 — to clean up a century’s worth of industrial pollution and litter: car seats and gasoline hoses to bed frames and beer bottles. The entire staff of Cheri Woodard Realty participated in the massive river clean up, including agent Tanya Paull (left), who was quickly reminded of a prior leak in one of her boots.

Hats off to Kerry Sutten (first photo, left to right) of Before & After for organizing Sunday’s Earth Day cleanup of the Thornton River in Sperryville. Numerous teams of volunteers, locals and visitors alike, were assigned different stretches of the river to remove litter and other debris — over 30 heaping bags of trash in all, along with bed frames, iron pipes, metal car seats, washing machine parts, baby strollers, rusted metal supports, cables, and an 8 inch tall action figure. Bruce Nelson, Trish Bartholomew, and Kim Nelson are seen here filling their share of orange trash bags supplied by VDOT; Ryan Crabbe of Washington, D.C. kneels down to grip a seemingly endless length of wire buried in the river bed; and Jen Perrot of Flourish Root Florals adds to one of several piles of heavy jagged material pulled from the river.

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