Locals excel in ‘perfect’ Fodderstack Classic

302 runners lace up for 10K race

By Jean Lillard and Jonathan Moore

Special to the Rappahannock News

Rappahannock should be proud of our residents who participated in the 40th Annual Fodderstack 10K Classic held on Saturday. Our seniors really outdid themselves. What a beautiful day it was — perfect weather for runners.

We had 302 registered with 267 finishers. The Fodderstack Race is the only fundraiser for our Rappahannock County Park. No taxpayers’ money is used.

Patrick O’Connell was on hand to give out the Merrill Strange prized mugs to the winners. And Jean Lillard presented O’Connell with a Strange bowl. By Steve Eastham

The Inn at Little Washington once again was our major sponsor. Patrick O’Connell was on hand to give out the Merrill Strange prized mugs to the winners. Jean Lillard, a member of the Park Authority and race committee, also presented O’Connell with a beautiful bowl made by Strange.

The overall winner was Juan Tisera of Front Royal with a time of 37:10.8. First overall female was Rachel Weghorst, 14, of Sperryville with a time of 45:22.

Overall winner Juan Tisera of Front Royal with a time of 37:10.8 By Steve Eastham
Overall female winner Rachel Weghorst, 14, center, of Sperryville with a time of 45:22 By Steve Eastham

Two local winners in the 14 and under group were Will Wofford, 9, of Sperryville with a time of 57:26.6 and Riley Garrido, 8, of Sperryville, 90:35.7

Will Wofford, 9, of Sperryville, was a local winner in the 14 and under group with a time of 57:26.6 By Steve Eastham

Winners in the 15-19 grouping: 1st: Connor Culbertson of Amissville, 51:32.6; 2nd: Dalton Renner of Huntly, 52:08.5 and also Skylar Culbertson of Amissville, 57.56.6; 3rd place went to Savannah Hensley of Castleton, 60.25.2

Bryn Sonnett of Washington took home first in age group 20-24 with a time of 56.35.6; Josh Makela, who grew up in Amissville took 2nd in the 25–29 age group with a time of 46:54.9 (Josh now lives in Hyattsville); Ben Jackson of Washington took second place in the 35-39 age group with a time of 46.19.1; Nikolai Matveev of Flint Hill won 3rd place. Her time was 47.54.7. Mark Jenkins of Chester Gap took home second place in his age group, 40-44, with a time of 48.16.7

Winners of the age group 45-49: Andrew Ruth of Sperryville took second with a time of 48.19.1 and Susannah McNear of Washington placed second with a time of 51.49.7 In the 60–64 age group Torney Van Acker of Castleton took home first place with a time of 49:10.5; Kaye Clark of Washington took third with a time of 65:15.3; Jane Smith of Sperryville won third in her age group, 65-69, with a time of 65:16.2

Our residents also did well in the 70-74 age group. Chris Parrish of Viewtown placed third with a time of 67:51:4; Kathy Eggers of Sperryville won second with a time of 92:31.5 and Alexia Morrison of Flint Hill placed 3rd with a time of 127:33.

In the age group 75–79 our residents took home 5 of the 6 prizes: 1st James Necci of Amissville, 81:00.6; 3rd Raymond Stamps of Woodville, 88:31.6; 1st Gwen Bates of Huntly, 96:08.9; 2nd Jennifer Manly of Huntly, 119:28.9; 3rd Barbara Adolfi of Sperryville, 145:03.4. Ann Crittenden of Flint Hill took home first place in the 80 and up category with a time of 121.50.9.

Winners of the Eva Smith Memorial Award for first Rappahannock Female/Male were: Rachel Weghorst and Ben Jackson. Patrick Coady of Washington D.C. won our “most senior” award given in memory of Dr. Mervin Jeffries who ran the race for the first 36 years until his death. His wife, Marcia and daughter, Jenna, were on hand to congratulate the winner.

Jonathan Moore, our race director, awarded the Ike/Quita Parrish Family Award to the Hobson family. Jenks has run the race 33 times. This year his daughter, Berkeley, who has run before, and son, Jennings and his wife also participated.

Honorable mentions go out to Ralph Pace who grew up in Rapp and now lives in Monterey, Calif., who took home first place in age group 30-34 with a time of 45:13.1.

Hats off to Debbie Donehey, who also participated in the race, for forming her own team of 40-plus runners/walkers. Did you notice the fancy long-sleeved t-shirts they were wearing??

Other Rappahannock residents who participated were: Gordon Wicks, Gary Light, Robert Barrett, Steven Bartlett, John Warzinski, Cary Muirhead, Holly Culbertson, Laurel Clement, Wendy Smith, Kate Wofford, Thomas Akre, James Sharpe, Catherine Taylor, Tac Tacelosky, Nikki Brady, Kelly Clement, Patrick Thornton, Rebekka Korte, Susan Huff, Susanne Louisell, Jeff Smith, Julie Ruth, George Sonnett, Karl Brotzman, Jen Perrot, Jennifer Heverly, Erin Platt, Kim Myers, Riley Garrido (only 8 years old), Kathy Eggers, Katharine Leggett, Ronda Ann Gregorio, Jana Froeling, Melissa Schooler, Webber Moore (son of Jonathan Moore, 9 years old), Pamela Chovnick, Wendy Sonnett, Nancy Dillon, Marianne Clyde, Sharon Payne, Kymber Messersmith, John Eisenhart, Barbara Heller, Steph Ridder, Patricia Derflinger, Patrick Templeton, Salvatore Abbate, Jane Whitfield, Ray Boc, and Barbara Adolfi.

— Lillard and Moore sit on the Fodderstack race committee

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