Confusion, anger reign in ‘Kafka County’

Sometime around the Republicans’ annual Reagan Dinner scheduled for March 24th at Quievremont Winery in Gid Brown Hollow, the state health department was alerted to a possible permit violation. Someone had charged that the Republicans did not have a permit for their dinner or an onsite food inspector. […]

Wild Ideas

Wild Ideas: Spring limps on

Despite the continuing cold and snowy weather, spring limps on, and Pam Owen’s been busy trying to keep up on the many changes among our native flora and fauna, in this week’s Wild Ideas column. […]


End of Bluemont Concert Series a sign of times

Bluemont noted that their state and local government support has shrunk during that period by over 75 percent, and I can verify a similar experience in our funding for Kid Pan Alley. In Virginia, per capita funding for the arts is 41 cents, putting us near the bottom in state rankings. […]


Road hog

For the second time in as many weeks a somewhat porky pig found her way out of the pen and into the county seat of Washington. Albeit attracting her share of curious stares from passersby, the friendly pig for the most part was granted free rein of the historic town. […]


Pre-prom lesson about living

This Saturday night, Rappahannock County High School will host its Prom and After-Prom, an exciting well-deserved night of celebration, especially for graduating seniors who will be moving on with their lives. Lives being the key word. […]

Letters to the Editor

Proud to support Cockburn

Her dedication to fight for truth is evidenced by her long career as a journalist, exposing the facts about both international and national issues and governmental figures. Her decision to make the leap to politics is one driven by her view that we need to bring more truth to government and fight hard for all Americans. […]

Letters to the Editor

Dollhouse for a song

In 1960, Louemma Moffett sold this small building to the county for $500. It served as the County Extension Office during the 1970s, and then as the County Administrator’s office. If the Rappahannock Historical Society can be of any help . . . in regard to historical items, please do not hesitate to ask. […]

Letters to the Editor

Hours and days vs. minutes and hours

What they do in hours and days could easily be done in minutes and hours with a good chainsaw by almost any county inhabitant. I find this to be representative of local policy being dictated by a bureaucracy in Washington, D.C. […]

Letters to the Editor

Faith renewed

Upon going to install a new mailbox and post on Tuesday, I found an anonymous card in my downed box apologizing for the incident along with a generous amount of money to replace it. […]


Counting down to caucuses, Cockburn returns to fire hall

“My campaign started in this room,” Cockburn began, recalling the 2017 Virginia House of Delegates’ race that brought Democratic hopeful Tristan Shields to the Washington Fire Hall. A campaigner with a guitar, Tristan sang “Stand by Me,” and Cockburn did just that, deciding that night to run for Congress. […]

The Rapp

The Rapp for April 12

Word has it Happy Camper Equipment Co. in Sperryville will have a soft opening the day of the Great Rubber Duck Race Down the Mighty Thornton River; and Hearthstone School is inviting the community to the performance, “The Flood of Kindness, Inspired by Hurricane Katrina,” based on a book by De’Ante Webster. […]


Meet Elsa, your new best friend

Hey, everybody! I’m from Florida and my name is Elsa. I’m a 1-year-old Terrier mix and I weigh 30 pounds. I’m the last of the dogs who came to RAWL after the hurricane. Being a terrier I am sassy, opinionated and stubborn and thus need an owner who is smarter than I am. […]

Meetings and Notices

Meetings and Notices for April 12

Attention Rappahannock County High School classmates! Plans are underway for an “all class” reunion to be held on June 23 at the Flint Hill Fire Hall starting at noon. Please bring a covered dish to share. A head count is needed, so please email if planning to attend. […]

Down Memory Lane

Down Memory Lane for April 12

Dec. 15, 1999: Amidst rumors of bankruptcy and being fed up with the town of Washington, Peter Kramer will put his building on Gay Street up for sale by auction on Dec. 18 at noon. Kramer has set a minimum bid. If that bid is achieved, the building will sell on that day. […]