Candidate whose fiery speech took internet by storm visits Rappahannock

An intimate afternoon was recently enjoyed in the company of an eclectic group of Rappahannock residents. In attendance were been here’s and come here’s; postal carriers, farmers, truck drivers, prominent attorneys, filmmakers, local political appointees, shopkeepers, pastors, nationally renowned political operatives and more, filling the spacious farm house of a well regarded Boston couple.

Freitas’s House of Delegates has received more than over 40 million online views. via YouTube

All came together with no pre-occasion fanfare to harken the event, no formal press contacted; simply an opportunity, in an informal, relaxed setting to meet a Culpeper man running for U.S. Senate.

Nick Freitas is a Republican Virginia House Delegate, a relatively young man, sporting piercing blue eyes, reminiscent of Paul Newman and an eloquent, silver-tongued carriage. A recent and trademark fiery speech regarding the Second Amendment on the floor of the Virginia House of Delegates has garnered over 40 million internet views and counting.

He’s the father of three, a former special forces Green Beret, and was present with his lovely wife Tina. He spoke of his mission, his commitment to run for the Senate, his ideals and principles, and his Christianity. He had total command of the room, all silent as he spoke, his impassioned speech punctuated with frequent bursts of applause, and one could see heads nodding in appreciation and whispers of “He’s a true statesman, not a politician.”

According to, he is a battle-tested, battle-ready constitutional conservative. He has been involved in the grassroots Republican movement since the age of 15. Endorsed by the National Association for Gun-rights, he maintains a 100 percent rating with the NRA and Virginia Citizens Defense League (VCDL). Nick is proudly endorsed by a host of politicians, including Sens. Mike Lee and Rand Paul.

He enlisted in the U.S. Army after high school. Following the tragic events of September 11th, he served two combat tours in the Middle East. He later became Director of Operations for a service-disabled, veteran-owned defense contractor. He is also currently serving his second term in the Virginia House, originally elected in 2015. He is a defender of the Right-to-Life movement and has sworn to uphold and protect the Constitution. He and his wife, Tina, and their three children live in Culpeper.

“I am first and foremost a Christian,” he says. “My dedication to the belief that we all have inherent value and are entitled to liberty and equality before the law is rooted in this worldview. Individual liberty, personal responsibility, respect for God and limited, constitutional government are not merely convenient political concepts, but essentials which are fundamental to our liberty, prosperity and security.”

On a more humorous note, during the question and answer session, he apologized to the audience, stating that according to his wife he has a tendency to perhaps go too in depth when discussing his political views. He smiled at her as she stood so supportive of him in the crowd, and shrugged sheepishly to peels of audience laughter saying he’s simply practicing his filibuster skills.

Chris Green
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  1. Memphis Holland is yet another example of the left-wing, Marxist, anti-Christian bigots who infest a certain portion of the population in Rapoahannock County. Holland dishonors his combat veteran father by his small-minded attack on Nick Freitas.

    Freitas has his priorities straight….proudly proclaiming being a Christian before all else demonstrates the kind of man we need representing us in Washington. No doubt his combat experience reinforced his Christian faith. I bet Holland would being kissing a Muslim’s behind if there was one running?

    I watched Nick’s video several times. He gave those liberal swamp creatures in Richmond hell! Freitas is exactly right on the Second Ammendment & spoke truth to the House of Delagates.

    As a former paratrooper assigned to 11th SFG(A), I have nothing but respect for any soldier who earns the Special Forces tab & the Combat Infantry Badge. To say Nick Freitas dishonored the service of any American veteran is despicable & disgraceful. I’ve never met Nick, but I know the kind of man he is. He can be trusted to fight for us & win.

    I can’t wait to vote for him !
    De Oppresso Libre !

    • Actually, Ms. Holland kisses no one’s backside, including yours even as you proclaim yourself a “paratrooper assigned to the 11th SFG but would gladly care for anyone regardless of religion. My father is buried at Culpeper National Cemetery and served in the 87th Infantry, WWII. His brother is MIA-Korea. You are absolutely indecent and the exact representation of a “deplorable” that my Liberal friends are concerned about and certainly not a good representative of a veteran in the US Military. The lack of ethics that Sec. of State Tillerson spoke about this week is clearly living inside you. Good luck with that. You are not the fine representation of a veteran in my book or many of the honorable members of my family that have fought for this country since the Revolution. I have no respect for the likes of you and yours. Happy to be on this side of the fence.

    • And one more thing, this is my direct lineage that has served the St. George’s Parish and St. Mark’s Parish here in Virginia for nine (9) generations since 1757, four members buried in Fredericksburg, VA Masonic Cemetery. Rev. Woodville served at Little Forks Church in Rixeyville, VA and founded the first co-ed school in the late 1700s. I know Christianity and you and this candidate are not Christians.
      From the printed Obituary of my Grandfather Woodville – the man who the village here in Rappahannock Co. is named after.
      “Here is the tombstone and write-up of Francis Stevenson Woodville’s father who died in Fredericksburg, VA – born in Cumberland, England:
      Underneath is the body of
      John Woodville
      a true believer in the Holy Scriptures
      an earnest minister of the Protestant
      Episcopal Church, a diligent and faithful
      teacher of youth, a meek, contented, cheerful
      sojourner on earth, a pious probationer,
      and humble candidate of heaven.
      In Anglia natua die mertii undecimo
      MDCCLXIII. Obiit Virginia undecimo
      die Januarii MDCCCXXXIV
      Reverend John Woodville was born in White Haven, Cumberland County, England in
      1763, came to America in 1787, and became a tutor in the family of Reverend
      James Stevenson. He was ordained to the priesthood in Philadelphia, 1768 and
      soon thereafter became master of the Academy in Fredericksburg. He was elected
      rector of Saint Georges Church in 1792, in a way most unusual in an Episcopal
      congregation, and contrary to her laws except in the case of Christ Church,
      Norfolk, which is provided for by a special act.
      A notice was given in the old Virginia Herald inviting the subscribers to the
      Episcopal Church to meet in the town hall to select a clergyman. On that
      occasion ninety-six votes were given for the Reverend Woodville and thirty-four
      for the Reverend Thomas Davis. Reverend Woodville, resigned the parish in 1793,
      the year after his election, and removed to Saint Marks, Culpeper where he lived
      until his death respected by all who knew him.
      Reverend Woodville connected a school with the ministry in the most
      conscientious manner, being himself a man of unblemished character. His son,
      James became a lawyer of distinction in Botetourt County.
      Mr. Woodville married Sarah, daughter of Reverend James Stevenson, who was the
      niece of General Littlepage, and her brother was Andrew Stevenson, our late
      minister to England.
      Reverend Woodville had such admiration for General Littlepage that he expressed
      his desire to be brought back to Fredericksburg at his death and laid to rest
      near him. Bishop Meade says the following about him: He has left an
      affectionate family to mourn the loss of a kind husband and father and many
      friends to cherish with sincere respect the memory of a conscientious
      Rector St. Mark’s parrish Episcopal Church”

    • Wow. Because someone espouses a well-reasoned view that you don’t believe in, M. Holland is a “left-wing, Marxist, anti-Christian bigot” infesting Rappahannock County? Comments/opinions like yours really turn people/residents off from having any sort of productive discussion online.

  2. Ms Holland’s points are clearly made and crucial to our understanding of governance. Citizens must understand that each of us deserves candidates whose agendas are based on rule of law, the right to vote, the right to worship or not worship. Foreign policy, domestic issues are not solved by “lovely wives” or resemblance to movie stars. Our Commonwealth deserves candidates whose respect for Constitutional government takes priority over personal opinions and beliefs. We’ll decide who’s able, according to our assessment of candidates and their policies.

  3. I read with discomfort Chris Green’s Sperryville column piece on candidate Nick Freitas’ recent visit to a home in Boston.

    Green has done a grave disservice to the candidate, the GOP platform, and all citizens who care about real solutions to challenging issues facing our country.   The third paragraph reads like a Yente’s description of a suitable match on a dating app.  The candidate himself dishonors all my father fought for in the Battle of the Bulge, WWII, by stating, “I am first and foremost a Christian…”

    He’s running for office. Tell me what he plans to do about homeless veterans, children going to bed hungry, tariffs that will affect our farmers, a lack of workers to handle construction, horse-related industries and agriculture, and the lack of international markets where Virginia businesses can effectively compete with other countries for economic freedom.  Tell me how our citizens who have high insurance deductibles will be treated at hospitals that have exorbitant rates; tell me how one illness will not bankrupt them.  

    Being a Christian does not answer these questions.   We are selecting a candidate for public office who must be able to govern, in a government of, by, and for the people.  We’re not voting for the color of the candidate’s eyes or his “lovely” wife.  Those of us who care about all Americans are especially not voting for a candidate’s religion.

    Green’s piece coming on the heels of the McCaslin piece on the debunked accusations of anti-semitism used in GOP propaganda against Democratic Congressional candidate, Leslie Cockburn, added more sound and fury about religion to a political conversation in which religion plays no role in how Rappahannock voters will be served by the officials they elect. Until statutes change, religion is none of our political business.

    Members of our community are Jewish, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, Christian, Wiccan, atheist and agnostic. They all vote. And each deserves representation in government. I’m wondering if we realize how many of them vote because we have separation of church and state.

    Rappahannock County residents have been coming together for years for the Taste of Rappahannock, Headwaters, Starfish, fire and rescue, The Benevolent Fund, and any number of other compassionate causes to help our neighbors in floods, tornadoes, emergencies and misfortunes, as well as in opportunities to grow and succeed in life, learning, and work. We don’t ask if someone is a Christian prior to inviting them to these events. And we haven’t asked their religion prior to inviting them to a political event.

    Worship as you please. Take care of one another regardless. When it comes to those who will represent our wants and needs in government, cut through the smokescreens intended to play us for fools and distract us from what really matters: making factual and well-informed decisions about who will best be able to get the job done.
    Memphis Holland
    Huntly, VA

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