Clean sweep: Thornton scores 11 out of 12

A huge thank you to all who participated in the recent Thornton River cleanup in Sperryville. Projects like this are critical to make our streams clean and safe. Hopefully you saw the article three weeks ago highlighting the monitoring of the Rush River with Mike Wenger and team.

I also am a stream monitor certified through Culpeper Soil & Water District and VSOS (Virginia Save our Streams) with responsibility for the north and south forks of the Thornton River. My stations for each are just before the confluence of the two — the north fork behind Copper Fox Antiques and the south fork behind Copper Fox Distillery.

My most recent monitoring was Friday May 4, and both forks scored an 11 on a scale of 0 (being the worst) to 12 (a perfect stream). We monitor at various intervals as we go downstream, so if there is a problem we can isolate it.

The river has been quite good recently, thanks to the many efforts of cleaning like you all did, riparian buffers, etc., and it can only get better.

Thank you again!

Gail Swift

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  1. Gail, Thank you for highlighting the high score achieved along the Thorntin River. Can you provide some detail on how to hit 12?

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