Tannerite is welcome, but not visitors?

This code is either poorly written or is being misinterpreted [“Sperryville mural ruled nonconforming sign,” May 10]. Under the code a flag is a sign and under the interpretation put forth in this article flying a POW/MIA flag “makes something known,” ie., POWs and MIAs are not forgotten. Is this article/the Zoning Administrator suggesting that a county permit is needed to fly a flag? I am sure that was not the intent of the statute, but that is how it appears to be written/is being interpreted.

The Zoning Administrator is incorrect; every complaint does not merit an investigation and an enforcement action. Heck, as we learned here in the Rappahannock News, you can blow up enough Tannerite to rattle windows for miles and not merit an investigation.

I would respectfully suggest she reconsider before someone challenges this statute as overly broad and violative of the 1st amendment. The limitation on large commercial signage to maintain the appearance of our county may or may not be appropriate. This is not commercial signage. Unless she is going to drive around the county tearing down flags (Does the U.S. flag send a message? Does the county courthouse have a permit? Does she really think it needs one?) She should re-prioritize her enforcement efforts.

Chip Abernathy

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