Prison time for child pornography; Grand jury indicts four

Forrest Richmond, his family seated behind him, his mother weeping quietly, was sentenced on 12 felony counts of possession of child pornography in Rappahannock County Circuit Court Monday.

Standing before Judge Jeffrey W. Parker, Richmond, 26, looked pale in his orange and white jumpsuit stamped “RSW Inmate” on the back.

During a search of his home on Nov. 3, 2017, Richmond told investigators that he had child pornography on a computer drive. The criminal complaint states that “at least 12 video files were recovered that clearly depict girls (prepubescent) engaged in sex acts.”

Virginia’s sentencing guidelines call for sentences of up to five years for the first charge and up to ten years for each of the subsequent charges.

Richmond’s court appointed lawyer, Kevin Gerrity, explained that the plea agreement called for the low end of the sentencing guidelines for these felonies, as Richmond had no prior criminal convictions or record of incarceration.

Parker accepted the recommendations in the plea agreement.

“Nonetheless,” he told Richmond, “you’ll be incarcerated for a long period of time. Even the low end of the sentencing guidelines is serious.”

He then sentenced Richmond to 12 years in prison — one year for each offense — but suspended all but four years and three months. Parker also ordered Richmond to undergo sex offender treatment, and mandated that polygraph tests be administered to monitor Richmond’s compliance with treatment.

Richmond is also prohibited from viewing pornography and will have limited use of the Internet. He is not to possess a computer, smartphone, or tablet until he completes treatment.

When he gets out of prison, he will be under 20 years of supervised probation, must register as a sex offender, and will be prohibited from “loitering around schools and day care centers,” Parker said.

Richmond was led out of the courtroom by a Rappahannock County Sheriff’s deputy.

Grand Jury indicts four

Also in Circuit Court on Monday, a Rappahannock County grand jury handed down bills of indictments against four individuals charged with drug or alcohol-related felonies.

David Andrew Dyer, 32, of Winchester, was indicted on charges of selling and distributing marijuana, and eluding or disregarding police resulting from a traffic stop on January 5 by Rappahannock County Sheriff’s Deputy Sgt. W C. Ubben.

Dyer was also charged with driving under a restricted license and drinking while driving or having an open container in the vehicle. He was found guilty of both charges on May 8 in Rappahannock County District Court and sentenced to a total of 90 days in jail, all suspended, a 90-day suspension of his driver’s license, and ordered to pay fines and court costs.

Two additional charges from the same stop — felony possession of a controlled substance and reckless driving, a misdemeanor — were dropped per Dyer’s pleas agreement.

Dyer is scheduled to issue a plea in Circuit Court on July 9.

Wesley Livingston Hall, 30, of Middleburg, was indicted on two charges of possession of schedule II or III drugs. The charges resulted from a traffic stop January 12 by RCSO Deputy C. M. Garcia. Two additional charges from the same stop — unauthorized possession of drug paraphernalia and failure to stay on the right side of the highway were dropped in District Court March 20.

Hall is scheduled to issue a plea in Circuit Court on June 26.

Miguel Montana Lorenzo-Day, 23, of Amissville, was indicted on a charge of possessing a schedule II drug. He pleaded guilty following the grand jury indictment and was sentenced to two years in prison, with one year and nine months suspended. His driver’s license was suspended for six months, he is required to undergo a drug treatment program, and will be on two years of supervised probation upon his release.

Lorenzo-Day was apprehended March 6 by RCSO Sgt. M. C. Dodson, who also charged Lorenzo-Day with unauthorized possession of paraphernalia. The second charge was dropped in District Court April 17.

Darran Michael Robinson, 35, of Culpeper, was indicted on a charge of a DUI-related third instance of driving on a revoked license. Sgt. Dodson arrested Robinson on January 9 after Robinson was observed speeding. Robinson is scheduled to appear in court July 9 for further disposition of his case.

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