School news for May 31

Rappahannock County High School Assistant Principal Jimmy Swindler presents certificates of appreciation to dozens of RCPS volunteers. By Holly Jenkins
By Holly Jenkins
Rappahannock County Elementary School students (top) participated in fun activities such as tug-of-war, moon bounce, and a variety of games and field events during the school’s Dare Day on May 25th. But RCES faculty and staff (bottom) wouldn’t be left out of the fun, participating in a tug-of-war competition that created great entertainment for the loudly cheering students. By Holly Jenkins

Volunteers for the Rappahannock County Public Schools were honored in a special reception this past week. The salute featured a performance by the chorus, a banquet, and a recognition of all volunteers in attendance.

A resounding thank you went out to everyone who has given their valuable time and resources to help the students throughout the year. The volunteers include:

Sandra Cartwright-Brown, Barbara Black, Karen Henderson, Jennifer Aldrich, Kathi Dutilh, Alyson Lawyer, Dot Lessard, Aleta Gadion, Dianne Handy, Kathy Grove, Judy Podlesney, Carolyn Roth, Susan Jones, Jim Blubaugh, Rick Lessard, Ann Stenner, Anne Nenninger, Ray Gooch, Jan Eberhardt, Elizabeth Lee, Amy Burnett, Nancy Studds, Hal Hunter, Daniel Lanigan, Heather Keyser, Caroline Walker, Karen Thornhill, Julie Stonebreaker, Lauren Barron, Jessica Jenkins, Jordan Atkins, Samantha Williams, Kevin Williams, Julie Anderson, Sheri Burfield, Julie Stanton, Rose Reed, Elaine Snider, Lynnie Genho, Marcie Brandriff, Kevin Brandriff, Claire Snelson, Rachel Bynum, Tracy Abdullah, Renea Athelli, Mike Atkins, Jen Atkins, Courtney Atkins, Molly Bailey, Miranda Baker-Cook, Craig Batchelor, Stephanie Beard, Kelly Bennett, Randy Bennett, Suzanne Bennett, Kristin Black, Megan Blance, Liz Blubaugh, Jim Blubaugh, Daniel Brecht, Kenny Burt, Mike Cannon, Darcy Canton, Theresa Caporuscio, Bob Chappell, Sherry Cillo, Amanda Clore, Candace Clough, Kimberly Cole, Patrick Compton, Brenda Coro, Yvonne Cortez, Steve Cox, Tanya Cox, Cheryl Crews, Michael Cribbs, Holly Culbertson, Mark Currence, Juliet DelGrosso, Mike DelGrosso, Missy Dennis, Terry Diley, Donna Dionne, Ken Estes, Amy Fincham, Meg Flanagan, Emily Ford, Susan Fox, Dave Fryant, Sue Fryant, Bill Gadino, Becky Sheffield Gartner, Jenny Grigsby, Vince Grigsby, Nancy Grimes, Rebekah Guira, Don Hearl, Autumn Hernandez, Jennifer Heverly, Brett Heverly, Betty Hitt, Sheri Hollman, Pamela Jenkins, Jessica Jenkins, Angela Jenkins, Kevin Jones, Jerry Ann Kines, Dabney Kirchman, Paul Kirchman, Paul Komar, John Krob, Jessica Marinoble, Dana Martz, Kim McKiernan, Cathy McKnitt, Jim Mello, Sally Mello, Vickie Miller, Sean Minavio, Sean Myers, Marjorie Nicodemus, Paul Norris, Debra Jean Norris, Katie Paratore, Pamela Parker, Amanda Paulette, Nancy Paulette, Jenny PerDieu, Tabitha Perryman, Jennifer-Lynn Petersheim, Roger Riantodosi, Sherry Pinto, Jack Pullen, Amanda Pullen, Mark Raiford, Sonya Raiford, Rhonda Ramey, Kevin Ramey, Mark Ramey, Kayla Robey, Terry Robey, Janet Robey, Brandon Rutherford, Mark Sanborn, Terry Shanks, James Sharpe, Ashley Sharpe, Holly Sheffield, Mike Sheffield, Jennifer Smoot, Julie Standford, Jeff Thompson, Chuck Tippet, Katherine Todd, John Tole, Judy Tole, Kathryn Treanor, Lydia Utz, Derek Vandrey, Rose Hill Veterinary, Alan Weaver, Rob Weghorst, Kathleen Weghorst, Mike Wenger, Jim West, Wendy Wharton, Chase Wharton, Brian Wharton, Tasha White, Mylene Whorton, Stacey Williams, Chris Williams, Angela Wood, Marilyn Woodward, Tom Woolman, Amy Wright, Liz Wyatt, Wendell Yates, Dawn Zook.

Herron custom guitar

Belle Meade School in Sperryville held it’s graduation commencement last Tuesday, during which it celebrated senior Oliver Herron’s completion of an advanced high school program. As part of Oliver’s graduation requirements, he completed a Senior Capstone Project of his choice.

Oliver Herron and his custom made guitar By Alex Forte

Oliver opted to design and build his own custom guitar, start to finish, complete a full written report, and give a presentation at graduation.

He will be attending Lord Fairfax Community College in the fall and plans to transfer to either Virginia Tech or James Madison University where he will study a field of engineering. Oliver also wants to continue pursuing his musical interests and passions.


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