Smoot bond amended for monitoring device

The bond agreement for local resident Randy Smoot, charged with first degree murder, was amended in Rappahannock County Circuit Court on June 7.

Smoot’s attorneys filed the motion, asking the court “to amend the terms of [Smoot’s] bond to remove the requirement to wear a SCRAM bracelet [to monitor alcohol use].”

Smoot, 47, of Flint Hill, was charged on Oct. 22 in the death of Jonas “Jay” Alther and was released on bond in December.

At that time he was ordered to wear a SCRAM (Secure Continuous Remote Alcohol Monitor) device around his ankle. Through contact with the skin, the device detects the presence of alcohol or illegal drugs and transmits the information to a remote data station.

Attorney Mark Williams argued that Smoot was incurring expenses related to the device that he could not afford. In addition to paying an installation fee for the bracelet, Smoot was being charged a daily fee of $8.

And in light of the fact that Smoot had not violated his bond in the six months since it had been granted, Williams asked that the device be removed.

Judge Jeffrey W. Parker ruled in favor Smoot and his SCRAM bracelet has been removed.

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