Congressman and candidate story not news

National Republicans Come Calling for Cockburn” delivers an awful lot from an unnamed source simply opining on [Virginia 5th district Democratic congressional candidate Leslie] Cockburn, including a double-dealing comment on charges already dismissed in this newspaper by an Israel Prize Laureate. Let’s peg this as opinion, not a front page story sitting where news belongs. Or at least balance it with more than a dozen comments from an unnamed, biased source chattering on about Riggleman. Wait. That’s not news either.

At its best, news can help inform good conversations among people of good faith. So can opinion. Let’s shoot high. Our community newspaper can play a vital role in contributing to Rappahannock’s ability to find common ground — or it can stoke partisan and other divides. No small job in a small community. But I bet I’m not the only one hungry for it.

Monica Worth

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  1. I completely agree with you. This was the first thing I thought of after reading the article. The unnamed source was given an awful lot of newsprint to provide her views, which were really just campaign propaganda. This is a great paper which should have higher standards for political reporting.

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