Folksy, but at great risk

The recent publication of Peter Hornbostel’s (Rappahannock News, June 14) folksy tale titled “Discovering Woodville and other Rappahannock observations,” was a pleasant read until I arrived at the paragraph where he admitted that his typical practice was to go barreling down through the village of Woodville at 50 mph.

It’s easy for me to take umbrage with this confession. I have three grandbabies that live on 522 in the heart of the village of Woodville. Mr. Hornbostel’s speeding habit puts my grandchildren at great risk. The speed limit is clearly posted at both ends of the village and there are visible yellow signs that proclaim: “Watch For Children.” Those signs took a year of being a “squeaky wheel” at public Board of Supervisors’ meetings in order to get them in place.

He should consider himself lucky that all he received was a warning from the deputy, especially driving on dead tags. This is a message to Mr. Hornbostel and all drivers going through our villages: Slow Down!

‘Deak’ Deakins
Rock Mills

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  1. Mr. Hornbostel sounds pretty cocky for having broken the law TWICE.
    The police that let this citizen off with not even ticket should be ashamed, considering how this person should have had his vehicle impounded in accordance with law.
    I guarantee that, had it been someone from out of town, the local police department would have been happy to give out a big ticket or impound a car, since the likelihood of that person coming back to town in order to fight it would be small.
    The police need to be thinking mpre about the safety of it’s citizens instead of lamenting paperwork.
    Do your job or leave it for someone who cares.

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