Secretive for a reason

Republicans sure like to do things in secret.

A few weeks ago, a committee of 37 Republicans cast secret ballots to pick Denver Riggleman to replace incumbent Rep. Tom Garrett in November’s 5th District Congressional race against Leslie Cockburn. We will never know who actually voted for him.

Then in last week’s Rappahannock News, an anonymous female “Republican Operative” opined about Cockburn’s viability against her new opponent, claiming “[Fifth District Republicans are] in a better place now” that Garrett is out. Nice to know they had a choice.

This is the same party that just picked Corey Stewart, possibly the most unelectable candidate for Senate, to run against Tim Kaine. A divisive hate-monger with ties to the alt-right, Stewart was too fringe for even the Trump campaign in 2016, and for the Koch brothers today. Now he pledges to run a “vicious” campaign against Kaine, and Trump is tweeting his support.

Riggleman, who can’t wait to join the Freedom Caucus in Congress, is cut from the same cloth. In his acceptance speech, he urged Republicans to “clothesline Progressives” in the coming race. A clothesline tackle in football is when a player uses his forearm to block an opponent in the neck or chest. It’s considered a personal foul and results in a penalty.

With candidates like these, no wonder Republicans are reluctant to go on the record.

Mary-Sherman Willis
Chair, Rappahannock County Democratic Committee

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