Unidentified sources not found in credible newspapers

On Thursday, you published a too-long op-ed by an unidentified “Republican Operative” under the guise of a news article. This was not news. It read like a stream-of-consciousness novel, with no logical flow of ideas, no analysis, and few facts. There were unfounded accusations and innuendoes that were repeated through the article, but no rebuttal, and no balanced viewpoint.

No credible newspaper would publish an article from an unidentified source. Responsible papers strive to keep their news reporting without bias and save opinions for the editorial pages. Several years ago, a media panel was asked for sources where Americans could go for unbiased news. They named the Washington Post, The New York Times, and the Chicago Tribune. Others, such as the Wall Street Journal and the Christian Science Monitor were rejected, because the owners influenced the content of the news. As the single local newspaper, I believe you have a special obligation to remain above the fray of partisan politics, and I am profoundly disappointed to find that you fail to meet this standard.

Robert Burney

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