Challenging the status quo

I always find the statements of “Senior Operatives” of anything, in this case the “Republican Party,” who will not be identified by name to be a teensy suspicious. In this case, she, at least we know that much, waves around statements of questionable, but predictable, partisan truth. To wit: Leslie Cockburn, “a very flawed candidate,” or later suggesting Leslie represents “the far left,” and finally while piously “not wanting to lob the charge of anti-Semitism into the campaign” manages to do just that. Goodness!

For two years the 5th has been represented by a stealth legislator, known for dodging any face to face meeting with constituents; long lectures from the House floor of doubtful veracity, and a death grip on the beliefs of the former gaggle of Tea Partiers, now known by the tag of the “House Freedom Caucus.” I have been unable to find one so-called “freedom” they have endorsed, except for the generality of “The Constitution,” well, of course! We have had ample evidence that from the Oval Office down, accuracy of speech or deed is a disappearing commodity in the land.

And now, the just discovered, newly minted politician/businessman candidate has announced his steadfast belief in the credo of the Freedom Caucus . . . a groups whose membership is NOT published and whose meetings are NOT open to the public. This is part and parcel of the Virginia Republican Party that has just nominated and voted for Corey Stewart to run for the US Senate seat. This man who supported the White Supremacists in Charlottesville; this man who stands with the far right on all social issues of marriage, women’s reproductive rights, of fair representation for all citizens . . .

In stark contrast, what does the hugely democratically chosen, representing all the districts of the 5th candidate Leslie Cockburn stand for:

— She has challenged outside corporate entities that would mine uranium. She fights currently unneeded power lines and pipelines through pristine National Forests and unprotected villages and homes.

— She fights against the corporate interests who would dismantle environmental protections, proven by science, that protect our health with laws regarding the quality of air and water.

— She supports the Affordable Care Act. Where is the Republican plan for Healthcare we were promised … and in what year was that?

— She supports laws that force insurance companies to deal with pre-existing conditions. The Republican Party has just rescinded this provision.

— She supports a minimum wage in Virginia. Ours is currently $1.50 less than that of our neighbors in West Virginia.

— She is our bulwark against big money, against corporate overreach, against governmental overreach; against those who would defund Social Security and Medicare in order to pay for the recent Republican tax cuts.

Leslie Cockburn, proud Democrat, proud daughter of the 5th Congressional District, is the senior Republican operative’s idea of “a very flawed candidate.” To which I say, how uplifting to have a candidate living and working and challenging the status quo in the same century in which we live and work.

Nol Putnam

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  1. “[A] groups (sic) whose membership is NOT published and whose meetings are NOT open to the public.” Please reread NAACP v. Alabama, wherein an unanimous Supreme Court held that the NAACP did not have to turn over membership rolls to the State of Alabama. Are you equally troubled? If not could it have something to do with your politics?

  2. I read “Freedom Caucus” as “Foothills Forum” at first. LOL. I was thinking, “they sure are gaining in influence!”

    Chris K – Flint Hill

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