Crime & Courts

Judge Parker assumes Bragg cases, professes confusion

But, said Judge Parker, “There is no allegation of [Garton’s] willfulness in the pleading.” Instead, he said, “You’re suggesting the failure to comply was inadvertent, therefore it couldn’t be willful.” Konick, sitting at the lawyer’s table, although Frazier was representing himself, tried to interrupt several times to make Frazier’s case. […]

Land Use/Zoning

Citizens react to proposed Sperryville communications tower, Amissville security training site

A third of the nearly four-hour meeting was taken up by the public hearing into an application for a permit to construct a communications tower on Woodward Road in Sperryville. Community Wireless Structures (CWS) based in Arlington applied for a Personal Wireless Services Facility Use Permit for the self-supporting lattice tower. […]

Clark Hollow Ramblings

Clark Hollow Ramblings: I think that I shall never see . . .

So, answer this riddle for me. If the fellow who painted the welcome sign had to have a permit to put his artwork on the side of his building, what kind of permission and permits did the fellow who put up his photos all over Rappahannock County have to go through to put up his artwork? […]


Photo finish for Amissville racer in world soap box derby

Soap Box Derby drivers from around the world — Amissville included — participated in the 81st International Soap Box Derby in Akron, Ohio, this past week.

Racers from as far away as Germany, Japan, and Canada — more than 200 all told — competed in the annual weeklong event, which has been going strong since 1934. Among them was 14-year-old Jeremiah Foscato of Amissville, who races in the Masters Division. […]


Reisler writes new musical as VCCA Fellow

The Talented Clementine is a brand-new, fully staged musical that Reisler is adapting from Sara Pennypacker’s award-winning children’s book by the same name. The story follows the misadventures of Clementine, a loveable third grader, as she struggles to discover her talent in time for the school talent show. […]


Thornton River detour

VDOT will close the Route 626 (Whorton Hollow Road) bridge over the Thornton River in Rappahannock County for rehabilitation. The timber deck bridge, located near Route 622 (Rock Mills Road), will be closed to through traffic for about six weeks beginning Monday, Aug. 6. […]


Farming for the future

The sustainable farming business is growing, and we are building a network, small farm by small farm, that has great potential to be key to a positive future for many productive careers in farming and food here. […]

Letters to the Editor

Four-lane highway, but no bike path

It was with amusement that I read Demaris Miller’s letter to the editor that declared that Rappahannock’s proposed bike trail would attract rapists, pedophiles and encourage “tragic incidents.” I’m not sure if this represents hyperbole, fear mongering or just plain chicken little-ism — maybe all of the above. […]

Letters to the Editor

Fear-mongering as a tool

In that marathon board of supervisors’ meeting a while back when the path was discussed, I was struck by how many of those in favor were parents with small children, school administrators and the elderly. When our kids were growing up we frequently went on bike rides. It was a safe and healthy family activity. […]

Letters to the Editor

Thank you Rapp citizen scientists

The Old Rag Master Naturalist (ORMN) Butterfly Count Committee is delighted to recognize with great thanks the many people who made the three events around the annual Rappahannock County-Little Washington Butterfly Count a success these past two weeks. […]

Letters to the Editor

Rappahannock County for all

Please let’s consider ways to keep people here, to allow them to enjoy retirement here, to fairly and reasonably share what we’re blessed with while passing it along to others, to future generations. […]

Letters to the Editor

Yes, Virginia, there is a future

Sowing seeds of hope along with the positive actions described above, in addition to many others taking place here, will result in a better harvest for our future than the weeds of doom, gloom, and dire predictions that (fill in the blank) will occur ever could. […]

School/Education News

School news for July 26

In a recent survey, Rappahannock County student athletes and parents indicated that they would like to see continuing education made available for coaches in all sports. In response to this feedback, Rappahannock County Public Schools are providing more professional development opportunities for its coaching staff. […]

Work In Progress

A Balancing Act

As Rappahannock ages and farmers struggle, where does business — particularly tourism — fit into the economic mix? Part three of a four-part series of a Foothills Forum and Rappahannock News feature on the county’s economy: past, present and future. […]

Work In Progress

An anomaly for his time

Like many residents of Rappahannock who’ve overcome social and economic upheaval, Engham’s success owes much to his ingenuity and inventiveness. That’s something Russell, an author and former resident who sought to document the stories of African-Americans in Rappahannock from the time of slavery. […]

Work In Progress

Taking Care of Business

Businesses of Rappahannock surveyed its 188 members in June and asked two questions: • What is the biggest challenge in sustaining your business? • Does the local business community need to play a bigger role in shaping Rappahannock’s future? […]


Comin’ up flowers

Flowers of every shape and color are blooming at Waterpenny Farm in Sperryville. “Flowers are harvested every Thursday and Friday,” says farm owner Rachel Bynum, seen here fashioning fresh bouquets with two of Waterpenny’s six paid interns. […]

Washington Column

Washington column for July 26

Sarah no doubt left for work on Thursday morning with the usual smile on her face, knowing that she would return home that evening to be with her family. Instead, tragedy hit, as she was struck and killed by a vehicle that morning outside the Culpeper Post Office where she worked. […]