Schools trail for progeny of ‘newcomers’

What bothers me most about spending the money on the Rapp Schools Connector — such a frivolous and costly project (for what?) — is the fact that so many social programs in Virginia go underfunded, while transportation “enhancement” funds are a “use it or lose it” proposition and are frequently spent on “projects” that come from one person’s desire to have a “space space” for their grandchildren to ride just so the VDOT and Commonwealth Transportation Board can please certain citizens “with pull” and keep those line items in their budget.

Yeah, that’s transportation enhancement alright. This project does not serve any but a select few. Not the majority of Rappahannockans.

In the meantime, we will invade and destroy the environment, create an unnecessary paved space that must be maintained, and callously hope this will “just be the beginning” of a trail between Washington and Sperryville, while the truth and facts are that we need infrastructure repair and programs to assist our growing elderly population. And there are citizens of the Commonwealth out there who don’t have enough food, shelter, jobs, better education, etc. I could go on and on naming humanitarian projects that could use the allocated (almost a) million dollars that will be — literally — poured out onto the ground.

What a waste — not only of money — but of (what used to be our) common and practical sense.

Where is our altruistic desire to serve and assist our fellow man with these monies?

Yet here are the “select few” (most likely well-to-do-newcomers) who could probably donate the money themselves to the county to get their paved driveway — celebrating the fact their progeny will have a “safe place to ride.”

What a crock.

And I am being kind when I use those words.

Karen Henderson

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