A snapshot of Rappahannock’s future

Since bike paths are notorious for attracting pedophiles and rapists, we fully expect our sheriff’s department to discover that they will need lighting, radio panic call boxes, periodic motorized patrols, and other security investments to reduce tragic incidents on this one-mile bike path.

It is never ending, as urban communities with these paths can attest.

This bike path is one more step in transitioning Rappahannock from a relaxed, rural place, into an amusement park for suburbanites to visit.

First, the visionaries “needed” tourist homes for the people that come here to visit. Then they needed “things” for the tourists to do while here, i.e. a nine-hole golf course, a driving range. Now, they need a one-mile million-dollar bike path that is the first stage in a six-mile, six-million-dollar bike path.

Wasn’t the Comprehensive Plan about maintaining life as close as possible to bucolic mountain vistas and agricultural production that people would come to visit?

The idyllic rural county we once lived in is being hijacked.

Demaris Miller

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