New 21st century badges for Girl Scouts

Girl Scouts of Virginia Skyline Council announces that 30 new badges are available exclusively for girls ages 5 to 18 that not only enhance the one-of-a-kind Girl Scout experience, but also address some of society’s most pressing needs, such as cybersecurity, environmental advocacy, mechanical engineering, robotics, computer science, and space exploration.

Today’s youth are more vocal than ever about the change they want to see, and Girl Scouts are the most equipped with the skills needed to make a real impact. The results are proven: girls who participate in Girl Scouts are more than twice as likely to exhibit community problem-solving skills than girls who don’t (57 percent versus 28 percent).

New programming includes:

— Environmental Stewardship badges: GSUSA’s first-ever badge series focused on environmental advocacy. Although Girl Scouts have been advocating for the environment since the organization’s founding 106 years ago, these badges are the first to specifically prepare girls to be environmental advocates who address problems, find solutions, and protect the natural world.

— Cybersecurity: Introducing girls K–5th to age-appropriate online safety and privacy principles, information on how the internet works, and how to spot and investigate cybercrime.

— Space Science: Enabling girls K–5th to channel their inner NASA scientist as they learn about objects in space and how astronomers conduct investigations.

— Mechanical Engineering for Girl Scout Juniors: Girls design paddle boats, cranes, and balloon-powered cars, learning about buoyancy, potential and kinetic energy, machines, and jet propulsion.

— Robotics: Girls 6th-12th program, design, and showcase robots.

“Through Girl Scouts, we want to give our youth a strong voice to help change the world,” explained Girl Scouts of Virginia Skyline Council’s CEO Nikki Williams. “Whether girls are exploring space or fighting cybercrime or taking a stand for the environment through community service Take Action projects, Girl Scouts are leading the charge for a lifetime of leadership for all girls within our local community.”

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