Four-lane highway, but no bike path

It was with amusement that I read Demaris Miller’s letter to the editor that declared that Rappahannock’s proposed bike trail would attract rapists, pedophiles and encourage “tragic incidents.”

I’m not sure if this represents hyperbole, fear mongering or just plain chicken little-ism — maybe all of the above. In that most of the money for this trail would come from the current federal transportation funds, a small percentage of these funds are dedicated to non-motorized use, i.e. bike and pedestrian trails. In other words this money is already set aside, it’s just a question of whether we as a county get our share or not.

Several years ago I joined a small group of people who rode from Pittsburgh to Washington, D.C. on (gasp) a bike trail. We didn’t encounter one pedophile, rapist or “tragic incident.” We also didn’t see one radio control panic box or motorized patrol. I think there might have been lighting in Pittsburgh, as you might expect.

What we did see were communities that had benefited from a non-polluting tourist industry that supported small family-owned bike shops, restaurants and lodging. The once polluted Youghiogheny River is now open to boating, swimming and fishing. This is all good stuff. I thought tourism was something to be promoted.

We live in a county that has a four-lane highway running right down the middle of it, complete with dump trucks and tractor trailers, yet a family riding on a four foot wide path is a threat to our ‘relaxed rural place’? Your logic eludes me yet again. Instead of rapists and pedophiles a very real threat to our children is spending their childhood and adolescence glued to their cellphones.

Come on Demaris, take a break from Rappnet, go for a jog or play golf. It’s fun! You’ll feel better!

Mark Ramey

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  1. Why wouldnt this county want to get bike riders off the main road…..what’s wrong with you that you would rather have bike riders on the main roads going way below the speed limit ,causing traffic back ups because most people are to afraid to go around them. I do not live in this county but I do drive on the roads in this county and many others with out bike paths and there is nothing worse then bike riders on the road …personally I think that it should be against the law to ride a bike on a road that has a speed limit above 25 miles an hour .. most bike pths i have seen have been very nice ,they bring in tourists which brings in money to the county ….yes there will be people that are trashy and wont respect your county but there will be more good people then not…think about it as a place your residence can take their families to have safe fun…

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