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Professional development for Rappahannock sports coaches

In a recent survey, Rappahannock County student athletes and parents indicated that they would like to see continuing education made available for coaches in all sports. In response to this feedback, Rappahannock County Public Schools are providing more professional development opportunities for its coaching staff.

Lacee Trollinger (left) and Gwen Burley were among the first group of Rappahannock coaches to attend a professional development clinic. Courtesy photo

The first group of coaches to attend a coaching clinic for their respective sport were two cheer coaches; Head Varsity Coach Gwen Burley and Assistant Coach Lacee Trollinger. Gwen brings over twenty years’ experience coaching high school cheer. Lacee is entering her second year of coaching high school cheer after having coached three years at the Middle School level.

The purpose of Varsity University’s Cheerleading Conference is to provide coaches the one-of-a-kind opportunity to learn from the very best in the business. The Varsity University has instructors from high schools and colleges across the country who have led some of the most successful cheerleading programs in history. Topics discussed at these conferences are AACCA Safety Guidelines and Rules, Coaching Successful Captains, Effective Practices for a Competitive Team, STUNT the Sport, and Keeping Cheerleading Safe.

“The Varsity University cheerleading coach event is a great way to learn from some of the top cheer coaches from across the country,” says Burley. “Not only are coaches learning about safety, effective practices, and character development, we are meeting and networking with other area coaches and exchanging ideas about how to improve our cheerleading programs.”

In addition to the professional development opportunities, all head coaches are required to take the VHSL rules clinic for their respective sports at the beginning of each season and an online concussion course.

— Holly Jenkins

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