Yes, Virginia, there is a future

In a take on the “Yes, Virginia” famous Christmas letter of long ago: Yes, Virginia (in this one, our great state), there is hope in our future here in Rappahannock County. Rather than alarmist views of some for awhile, I for one took heart in the articles in last week’s Rappahannock News: 1) By the Piedmont Environmental Council on the extensive conservation efforts to protect the viewsheds here and nearby for future generations, and 2) By Sara Schonhardt about Kristen Jenkins and her positive, forward-looking efforts to making farming work for upcoming generations of young aspiring farmers.

Sowing seeds of hope along with the positive actions described above, in addition to many others taking place here, will result in a better harvest for our future than the weeds of doom, gloom, and dire predictions that (fill in the blank) will occur ever could.

Sheila Gresinger

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